DrTrust360: Your Reliable “Health Guardian”

Your Health Guardian will provide you real-time assistance, treatment, medical, nutritional and fitness guidance in case of medical emergencies at the earliest after analyzing your body vitals that you have monitored remotely with DrTrust devices.

DrTrust360: Your Reliable “Health Guardian”

The traditional health care models are marked by periodic in-person hospital visits that can be inconvenient, expensive and insufficiently frequent. But with ongoing pandemics of Covid-19, Monkey Pox and most recent Tomato Flu, the question is: Will hospitals be able to provide, timely and cost-efficient care moving forward?

For this, the revolutionary healthcare systems are on their way to reconfigure health care models to proactively provide real-time remote treatments to patients with chronic conditions.

DrTrust360 is one such pioneering Indian app designed to track daily activities at the user’s convenience. Apart from the convenience and automation, it reduces the overall time to cover the fitness journey manually. The innovative features of DrTrust360 empowers audience to be at the center of their health and make way for meaningful health and actionable safety.

Keeping pace with the extended utilization of smartphones with addition of meaningful fitness features, DrTrust360 introduced a unique feature called ‘Health Guardian’ in the app, the ultimate goal of which is to notify the real-time health status to your family member, doctor/physician, dietician, fitness trainer, or any other health guardian that you prefer to share your details with.

To your knowledge, you’ll get the related Family Setup feature in Apple watch series 4 or later that is primarily marketed to moms who want to keep track of their kids while an upcoming guardian feature will enable Apple Watch to act as an intelligent guardian for user's health.1

However, currently DrTrust360 is the only fitness app supporting this feature with a mission to improve health of people. This feature will accelerate the healthcare of senior citizens the most as they will be able to share not only recorded but also the real-time health data with loved ones or caretakers. Though the feature will be extremely helpful to adult family caregivers even though it's primarily featured for caregivers including family members, doctors, dieticians and trainers to track health and fitness of old age or dependent patients.

The real time monitored health data on the app of the care recipient can be remotely monitored and controlled by the caregivers or your health guardian to save you from a life-threatening condition before it’s too late to say “I wish I had known”. The health records, sharing data and proactive intervention will certainly support positive outcomes.

Besides, it is a cost effective feature that strenghtens the link between user and health guardians.

How will your Health guardian help you?

Your health guardian will provide you real-time assistance, treatment, medical, nutritional and fitness guidance in case of medical emergencies at the earliest after analyzing your body vitals that you have monitored remotely with DrTrust devices. The health guardians recommended by DrTrust360 can aid the care recipient in way:

Family member will be effectively notified on time to take a favorable medical decision.

Nothing can beat a doctor’s real-time medical attention in case of medical emergencies.

A Dietician as your health guardian will come up with a suitable diet depending on your real-time health status.

A Trainer as your health guardian can give you appropriate activity guidance to start or stop certain set of exercises according to the health condition.

Get started with DrTrust360 Health Guardian Model

Step1. Get started with the DrTrust360 app.

Step 2. Move to your profile where you’ll come across Health Guardian.

Step 3. Click on the Health Guardian bar where you can select the guardian type to share your health reports.

Step 4. You can feed the details of one or more health guardians.

For example, click on a family member as a health guardian and the app will ask to log in the family member’s details including name, Whatsapp number, and email address. Alternatively, you can choose the contact directly from your phone’s directory.

Step 5. Select the vitals that you wish to alert your guardian about.

Step 6. Set your target BP and Blood sugar range.

You can set the readings according to the reference below:

Reference for Systolic BP

  • Normal: < 120
  • Elevated: 120-129
  • Stage 1 high blood pressure (also called hypertension): 130-139
  • Stage 2 hypertension: 140 or more

Reference for Diastolic BP

  • Normal: < 80
  • Stage 1 hypertension: 80-89
  • Stage 2 hypertension: 90 and above

Your reference for Blood Glucose level

  • Normal : Blood sugar level < 140 mg/dL
  • Diabetes : > 200 mg/dL
  • Prediabetes : 140 - 199 mg/dL

Your Health Guardian will be notified by a message or email that you have added him/her as a Health Guardian to receive timely updates. He'll have a track of your blood sugar, blood pressure reports on monthly basis.

Based on the analysis of your reports, positive or negative, the doctor can recommend you with required treatment/medication.

The app will automatically notify your guardian when the readings are not in your set range.  


DrTrust360 is leading the way with its powerful health, fitness and nutritional features. All the features are grounded in contemporary healthcare and user-friendly. The Health guardian feature of the app is meaningful safety feature that will not only reduce the risk of medical emergencies but also provide real-time medical guidance. It will empower your loved-ones to take a medical decision on your behalf in case of medical emergencies and provide you with each possible health assistance remotely for speedy recovery. The app directs to strive for the possible strongest health innovations as a fragment of future healthcare at your assistance.

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