Disease X: What is it? Could It Be More Dangerous Than COVID-19? Top Updates & FAQs

Is Disease X Dangerous? Are You Prepared to Protect Yourself?" It could be 20 times deadlier than COVID-19

                                                                  Disease X -Next panedemic?
Disease X

Recall the devastating COVID-19 wave. A time of sorrow, loss, lockdowns, and illness. We triumphed, but it's not over. WHO's virus threat list, last updated in 2018, warns of ongoing dangers.

Disease X could be the next pandemic. Health authorities from different countries of the world are issuing warnings about this global health crisis known as ‘Disease X’. Here is all you need to know about this deadly forthcoming situation;


1. WHO has listed Disease X on the list of priority diseases.    
2. Disease X' could be 20 times deadlier than COVID-19.
3. Scientists are monitoring virus families that spread from animals to humans.

An upcoming pandemic looms on the horizon. Health experts are worried about a potential Global Health crisis known as 'Disease X'.  This threat could exceed the damage caused by COVID-19. As per estimates, it could claim the lives of over 50 million individuals.

Disease X

Disease X, a term introduced by WHO, stands as an unidentified and potentially catastrophic future health peril. It has the potential to spark an unparalleled pandemic. This Article delves into the alarming characteristics of Disease X, shedding light on why it is such a pressing concern and the dire warnings from experts about its possible consequences.


UK scientists racing to develop vaccines against the imminent pandemic threat.

The Vaccine Development and Evaluation Center in Wiltshire is now home to a dedicated team of over 200 scientists. Their singular mission: to pioneer the development of vaccines that will serve as a shield against potential threats, including avian influenza, Mpox, and Crimean-Congo Hemorrhagic fever.

Consequences of ‘Disease X' and other unforeseen health threats, determined efforts are underway through the establishment of a cutting-edge vaccine research unit. This new facility has recently commenced operations within the highly secure Porton Down laboratories.

FAQs About Disease X

Q1: What is Disease X, and why is it a concern?

A: Disease X is a term coined by the World Health Organization (WHO) to describe an unidentified and potentially deadly future health threat. It is a global health concern because it could lead to the next pandemic, potentially surpassing the impact of diseases like COVID-19. Health experts are worried about Disease X due to its unpredictable nature and the potential for high mortality rates.

Q2: How deadly could Disease X be according to expert estimates?

A: Disease X could potentially lead to up to 50 million fatalities, which is a significant concern. This level of mortality is comparable to the devastating 1918-19 flu pandemic, which claimed around 50 million lives globally, making it twice the number of lives lost in World War I.

Q3: Could Disease X be more deadly than COVID-19?

A: Yes, Disease X could be far more deadly than COVID-19. While COVID-19 caused significant global fatalities, most infected individuals recovered. On the other hand, Disease X could be as contagious as measles but with an Ebola-like fatality rate of 67%, making it far more lethal.

Q4: What factors are contributing to the rise in disease outbreaks?

A: The increase in disease outbreaks can be attributed to several factors. Firstly, more people are living in densely populated urban areas, which facilitates the rapid spread of diseases. Additionally, the ongoing destruction of vast natural habitats each year contributes to this rise, potentially bringing humans closer to new pathogens.

Q5: What warning did health expert Kate Bingham issue regarding Disease X?

A: As per the Daily Mail report and interview with Health expert Kate Bingham, who chaired the UK’s vaccine taskforce from May to December 2020.

Kate Bingham has issued a stark warning, suggesting that a pandemic caused by the Disease X virus could claim at least 50 million lives, potentially surpassing the death toll of COVID-19 by a factor of 20.

Q6: What did Kate Bingham mention about the number of identified virus families?

A: Bingham highlights that scientists have identified 25 virus families, but she also expresses concern that there could be over one million unidentified virus variants with the potential to pose serious threats to global health.

Q7: How does the WHO classify Disease X, and what steps are being taken to address it?

A: The WHO officially recognizes Disease X as a global health threat, categorizing it as a bacterium or fungus with no known treatment. Scientists in the UK are actively working on developing a vaccine to combat this potentially deadly pathogen. WHO also classifies Disease X as a zoonotic pathogen, suggesting that animals might be carriers. In response to Disease X, WHO is considering a Research and Development blueprint to prioritize research for public health emergencies.

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Disease X is an imminent global health crisis, not a distant one. Its potential to surpass COVID-19 and the existence of unknown virus variants pose a grave threat. Expert warnings, like Kate Bingham's, emphasize the need for research, preparedness, and international collaboration. Vigilance and swift action are our defenses against Disease X.