Benefits That Corporate Wellness Program Offers To You and Your Employee

Corporate wellness programs help to build employees' health parallel to the profession by instilling healthy lifestyle changes and maintaining work-life balance.

Benefits That Corporate Wellness Program Offers To You and Your Employee

The race to chase a successful corporate career is overwhelming in this fast-paced world. Dealing with extended working hours and chaotic traffic jams before and after working hours has reduced self-care time, simultaneously increased stress, and consequently deteriorated the health of employees.

Work-related health disorders are common among employees, especially among those who are intensive computer users. The common health issues related to a 9-5 sitting job include headache, back pain, eyestrain, cervical, obesity, and mental health.

According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), inactivity is one of the prime reasons for the onset of chronic diseases.

In this scenario, the employees look for an ideal workplace that provides them with a supportive setup and helps them manage a healthy work-life balance.

In the business realm, employers also look for healthy employees, who are more productive, have fewer rates of absenteeism, and use less of their health insurance resources.

But how can you expect your team to give 100% at work or elsewhere if they don't feel 100%?

As a solution to this, it is the fundamental responsibility of the employer to ensure that their employees are not burnt out and are physically and mentally fit to perform their best.

A few big firms have introduced sports training blocks, clubhouses, and indoor sports arenas as a part of employee wellness alongside work to ensure good health and enhanced productivity at work. But this revolution is at its initial phase and still, there’s a long way ahead to work on the wellness of employees.

One widely touted solution is to incorporate “wellness programs,” interventions to encourage preventive healthcare and discourage unhealthy patterns, such as smoking.

What are corporate wellness programs?

Corporate wellness programs as the name depicts are programs that are sponsored by an employer to improve the physical and mental health of an employee. These activities aim to improve health-related behaviors and prevent health problems.

These programs encourage employees to take preventative measures, through awareness, health risk assessment, and screening to predict the onset of a health issue.

Such wellness programs help to build health parallel to the profession by instilling healthy lifestyle changes and maintaining work-life balance. For example, meditating for a few minutes before leaving for work, a few simple stretches to correct sitting posture, and adapting to health interventions in your routine.

Precisely, common features of wellness programs for employees encompass the following provisions:

  • Healthcare and medical awareness employing health fairs, seminars, lectures, and newsletters
  • Nutrition counseling
  • Lifestyle and risk factor analysis
  • Gym and health-club memberships or discounts
  • Health risk assessments
  • Stress management activities
  • Disease management and control programs concerning heart disease, diabetes, and blood pressure
  • Health screening and on-site clinics
  • Teleconsultation
  • Smoking cessation programs
  • Immunization programs
  • lastly, gamification is hot selling to increase engagement for mental health and well-being of employees with a sense of satisfaction

Benefits of Corporate wellness program to employees:

If you are an employee, the Corporate wellness program benefits you in the following manner:

1. Improve Health Behaviors

Wellness programs will help you adopt and maintain healthy behaviors. These include; getting proper sleep, physical activity in form of gym or yoga, eating a nutritious diet, quitting smoking, and moderate alcohol intake.

2. Releases stress

Most of us are occupied thinking about the future, dwelling on the past, worrying, fantasizing, fretting, or daydreaming during work. Wellness activities bring us back to the present moment, give us a platform to release stress, and stay calm and kind to ourselves and others.

The mindful sessions in wellness programs help you release work stress.

2. Real-time Health consultation

Teleconsultation as a part of an employee wellness program allows you to share your real-time health reports with doctors to take a spontaneous medical decision and improves medical access along with a packed schedule.

3. Builds team spirit

Fun and Recreational outdoor and indoor activities not just improve your health but also strengthens team spirit at work.

Besides, the group fitness classes offer fun and creative ways to interact with others, build a healthy competition and develop a participatory feeling.

4. Improves concentration at work

Wellness programs at work are the antidote to improving concentration. Research also proclaims that acute bouts of physical activity including team games positively affect young people's concentration.

Benefits of Corporate wellness program to employers:

The benefits to the employer are just far more than financial benefits. These benefits include:

  1. Reduces your health insurance costs.
  2. Gives you healthy employees to avoid absences, enhance productivity, and improve morale.
  3. Your investments in employees’ health and wellness will pay off the company in the long-run and naturally will benefit the employees, their co-workers, families, communities, and society as a whole.
  4. It’s a good strategy to attract skillful candidates, keep them satisfied and productive, and decrease employee turnover.
  5. Employees in the organizations providing robust health and wellness programs at work, feel engaged and cared for by the employers. Demonstrating that you care about your employee by investing in their overall well-being also improves loyalty and they are less likely to switch their jobs.
  6. Employees feel more secure in that environment and deliver a feeling of increased worth which leads to increased productivity.


Organizing and implementing a wellness program is a profitable deal for both employers as well as employees.

The ultimate goal of corporate wellness programs is to provide effective ways for employees to achieve and maintain good health as well as to reduce healthcare costs for the employer.

The company’s investment in the health of its employees will pay off in the company in the long run. When you’d go above and beyond for them, they will do the same for you.

Today, wellness programs are successfully incorporated into large organizations. However, medium and small-sized companies are yet to incorporate wellness programs for their employees. Employers, of course, have the discretion in customizing wellness programs.

You can level up your company’s well-being strategy with DrTrust360 Corporate Wellness Program.

We aim to deliver the best wellness practices in the modern workplace, to help your employees become healthy.